Jovian Mandagie 2012 Raya Collection

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm sure everyone already noted about 20 by Rizalman at Tesco. Now everyone can afford to wear designer clothes. That is quite enough for ladies!

Good news!

Jovian Mandagie Ready-to-wear Raya Colection will be available on on 17th July and First Lady outlets nationwide which already started last 15th July at reasonable prices! RM180 - RM380 @-@ ... droll eyes!

and dari sumber-sumber yang dipercayai ..... 
there will be a stock replenishing at First Lady Jln TAR on 19th July. . .

The collections


Wonderful huh!
nak loose weight ???
and get back your shape ???
wear the magic corsert . . 
non other than Corpsdereve DX
tambah2 lagi bulan puasa
lagi la double effect
puasa + pakai DX
confirm raya nanti lagi gorgeous 
sebabnya badan dah cantik uolsss!!!



So guys, what are you waiting for ...
DX do wonders to every women ...




DX helps to control food intake ...
DX helps to maintain body contour . . .
DX helps you to be more confident . . .
DX helps you to throw away your flabbiness . . .
and the most important thing is DX helps you to be Healthy & Beauty every day!!!


Be Healthy , Be Beauty with Corpsdereve DX.
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  1. assalamualaikum & hi yanti...
    x sangka jumpa blog awak.. akak was looking for JM collection.. then jumpa this blog of yours... duno whether u still remember me.. k. suhaila, we studied @ UiTM jln othman together.. & ms tu awak keje @ body shop.. & stayed @ s. jaya.. hmm.. akak igt lg awak dulu aktif bersilat ngan ur bf masa tu.. so called castello.. that was looong time ago kan.. ur face still the same.. awet muda gitu.. so happy to see u succeeded in ur life.. congrats!!