Elken : eRegistration

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Now there are more reasons for your friends & family to register as an Elken distribution via eRegistration!

Enjoy FREE DELIVERY* of the Elken Sales Kit now when you register through eRegistration!

What's more, each successfully - registered Elken distributor will be given a 
FREE box of Fujita Lactose-S (Orange) or a bottle of EPA DHA 

New distributor wil automatically enjoy a ONE (1) year FREE subscription of Elken Club
(strictly no refunds for cancellation of subscription)

*Sales Kit
Please select the Sales Kit Language preference in eRegistration; no change of language will be entertained after delivery.

The Sales Kit will be delivered for free within the next 3 business days to the address registered in eRegistration.

If the phone number registered in eRegistration is not contactable, the Company reserves the right 
to cancel the delivery of any Sales Kit that is returned o the Company.

Any delivery request is subject to a RM10 delivery fee.

**Free Gift
Every eRegistration approved by the Company will be eligible for one FREE (1) box of Fujita Lactose-S (Orange) or EPA DHA.

New distributors can logon to Elken4U to select and add FREE product into his/her shopping cart,
which will delivered together with his/her online purchase via Elken4U. 

After selecting free gift, the new distributor is given two (2) options:-
a) Pay a delivery fee RM10 for the free gift if his/her online purchase less than RM30
b) Enjoy free delivery of the gift when he/she purchases RM300 or above in a single transaction via Elken4U.

The free gift will then be delivered to the distributor's registered address together with the Sales Kit 
without further notice. Request to exchange the free gift will not be entertained.

The Company reserves the right to replace the free gift with any item(s) without prior notice, subject to availability. 

The free gift has no BV/SV points, and is non-refundable, no-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.

The Company reserves the right to amend, modify, extend or terminate this promotion at its discretion without prior notice.

Cara-Cara Mencuci Elysyle DX Lingerie

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cara-cara untuk mencuci Elysyle DX memang sangat mudah.
You must wash with Elysle DX Lingerie Wash.
Mencuci tanpa menggunakan pencuci khas ini, fabrik dx lingerie tidak mungkin akan tahan lama

Here we go!

Pls be noted, DX Lingerie sangat cepat kering.
Ia mengambil masa 1jam sahaja jika di lap dengan tuala selepas dibasuh.
Pastikan ia tidak dijemur di bawah matahari.
Elysyle Lingerie Wash mengandungi ekstrak sutera serta ramuan semulajadi yang lain,
dapat membersih pakaian dalam dengan berkesan.

Eid Mubarak 1433 Hijra, Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Especially for you,
 May Syawal usher upon your peace, happiness and forgiveness.

and . . .
May the festival of lights brighten up the season for you & your loved ones.

Keep supporting Premium Beautiful by,


Lagu Raya vs Lagu Puasa

Monday, August 13, 2012

I found this from Ikram Johor 
Something Good to share

"Sesungguhnya Kami menurunkan (al-Quran) ini pada malam lailatulqadar, 
dan apa caranya engkau dapat mengetahui apa kebesaran malam lailatulqadar itu? 
Malam lailatulqadar lebih baik daripada seribu bulan. 
Pada malam itu, turun malaikat dan Jibril dengan izin Tuhan mereka kerana membawa segala perkara (yang ditakdirkan berlakunya pada tahun yang berikut). 
Sejahteralah malam (yang berkat) itu hingga terbit fajar" (Al Qadr : 1-5) "

Selamat Berpesta Ibadah di 10 malam terakhir :)

Jovian's Boxing Day!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hola Galssss....
This is Official Announcement from Jovian himself,

Save the date!

There will be 
and few secret pieces !!!
and only 2,500pcs will be available.
at 'Selangor Room'

 Okay here the JM RTW facts to share:-
 "All JOVIAN'S material used are the woven synthetic version that are normally used by many couture houses such as Satin Silk, Chiffon Silk, and Crepe Silk? The best part is, these synthetic types are washable & durable. Do you feel luxurious now?"
some piccas taken from JM's instagram

And here the info that you should know:-
20 peeps for 10mins with 4 max clothes to try! 10 items max per person to purchase. One jova, one jadore for one person only! Fair everyone? ARE YOU READY??
There will be two lanes, 1. TRY & BUY, 2. FAST LANE, Those who have bought JOVIAN before should just grab whatever size you know best for your body. 
You will get to choose all the design that you want before entering the fitting room ; all designs will be posted 2days before sales, pls go to JM's FB as well as when u reach Shang Ri La, all designs will be displayed on mannequins. So, 10mins given is essentially just to try on the dresses :) this is planned to make sure flow of trying and purchasing is fast and not too long on queuing outside of the hall. Trust us, this is going to be the easiest way and systematic of shopping experience ever in to compare with all other batches :)
Sad of your body measurement?
Don't fit well?
Get you DX Foundation Lingerie Set now.
Please do not hesitate to ask me about Corpsdereve DX 
It's special designed fit to your body.

SMS/WhatsApp me at 0172030635
or you can fill up the online form

12 Tips About Eating To Stay Fit

Saturday, July 28, 2012


How are you today?
Hope you are in the pink of health .
Okay ... senyum hingga ke telinga semuaaaa.....
As today I wanna share the 12 Tips about eating to stay fit.

Healthy eating is accepted of many people as the best way to avoid unnecessary weight gain.
It does not necessarily mean eating "health food" 
but . . . . 
is more about eating in moderation.
Do this and you will be well on your way to living fit healthy life....

Here we go !!!

Eat meals regularly & moderately.

Use small palette when taking food.

Drink soup first before taking solid food.

Take lean meat

Whole fruits is preferred than juices.

Always have your meals on dining table.

Chew food slowly.

Do not store tidbits at home.

Take more fresh food than processed food 
(soft drinks, dessert, cakes)

Limit intake of sweet fruits 
(mango, papaya, lychee & durian ...yakkks!)
I don't like durian punnnn....hehehe
But love mangooo...

Avoid excessive stimulant
ie. caffeine and alcohol

Replace sugary drinks with sparkling water diet drink.


Wear PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL for ze fast result !!!


Premium Beautiful Transformation

Saturday, July 21, 2012

First of all, nak citer sket...
Actually, I memang dah lama pakai corset since anak dara lagi. 
And . . .
memang dah lama dengar nama Premium Beautiful ...cuma masih tak boleh terima dengan harga nya 
at first sight dulu dulu tu.... huhuhu...
So, bermacam-macam lah corset yang telah dicuba...
Dari yang murah hinggalah yang mahal...dari yang tak der infra red hinggalah yang ada.
Tapi . . .
at the end of the day,
I realised that all the corsets cannot be repaired when got some damages ...
and start to buy and buy new corset...
untill I'm being fussy on choosing the corset!!!
Ahaks !!!
At last, all the corsets yang dah uzur tu semua simpan sahaja di dalam gerobok ku. 
Confirm memang tak leh pakai dah semua tu! 
When, I  met Mai even I dunno she is the top agent for PB. 
Sorry Mai yerr...
And then, when we met for the second time...time tu nak mekap Mai pi dinner Hai-O tulah!
From there I start keep asking about the PB.
The 1st thing that I consider first is absolutely the 'Life Warranty'
FOC service okayyy...for your life time...
and then...banyak pulak benefit PB ni!
Tanpa berlengah lagi...
I set my target !!!
I called Mai and said I wanna buy PB!!!
Akhirnya, I have my own set!
Huhuhu...my tough royyy tummy!...with Brand X Corset!
dah pakai punnnn...stilllll nampak! hahaha
Ahaks! with PB you will feel more confident!
I atas stage tu taw!
As a Jury & Giving a briefing for Makeup Competition Melaka
This photo was taken on July 10th, 2012

Love Premium Beautiful more and more . . 
With 8hrs consistency....day by day...
Month by month !
Year after year !
You will get your beautiful shape!
Lagi-lagi bulan puasa ni...

Call/SMS me now for your Premium Beautiful Set!


Salam Ramadhan

Friday, July 20, 2012

Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak
to all Muslims & Muslimahs,

Jovian Mandagie 2012 Raya Collection

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm sure everyone already noted about 20 by Rizalman at Tesco. Now everyone can afford to wear designer clothes. That is quite enough for ladies!

Good news!

Jovian Mandagie Ready-to-wear Raya Colection will be available on http://zalora.com.my/ on 17th July and First Lady outlets nationwide which already started last 15th July at reasonable prices! RM180 - RM380 @-@ ... droll eyes!

and dari sumber-sumber yang dipercayai ..... 
there will be a stock replenishing at First Lady Jln TAR on 19th July. . .

The collections


Wonderful huh!
nak loose weight ???
and get back your shape ???
wear the magic corsert . . 
non other than Corpsdereve DX
tambah2 lagi bulan puasa
lagi la double effect
puasa + pakai DX
confirm raya nanti lagi gorgeous 
sebabnya badan dah cantik uolsss!!!



So guys, what are you waiting for ...
DX do wonders to every women ...




DX helps to control food intake ...
DX helps to maintain body contour . . .
DX helps you to be more confident . . .
DX helps you to throw away your flabbiness . . .
and the most important thing is DX helps you to be Healthy & Beauty every day!!!


Be Healthy , Be Beauty with Corpsdereve DX.
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Perfect corset for brides to be . . .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What!!!!!  Perfect corset for bride-to-be???

Yes! The secret to a perfect silhoutte.

Why do some outfits look good on others but not on ourselves? You can blame it on genes, regular suppers or even advancing age, but is there a real solution?

Apart from the makeup artist, decorations, foods & venue needs to be perfect I noticed that the most women out there, especially bride-to-be are very determines to lose weight and shape the body. When comes to wedding, for sure every girls out there wants to look good and the best because it's her Big Day!
One direction, no brides wants to look fat or de-shaped ... no matter what type of wedding dress you wear, how expensive it is, and exclusive it is...if your body is not in proper shape, flabby here and there, sagging breast... oooohhhh!!...imagine the amount of pictures that would be taken on the big day. You will be the center of attention. Everyone would be looking at you and praising on you...Yeahhh...so, you need to be look great and feel great about yourself.
Wanna loose your weight?
Get back your shape ???
non other than  Corpsdereve DX by Elysyle, Elken

With ergonomically designed Corpsdereve DX, not only can you witness an instant transformation, but with regular use, your body fat can be mobilized and repositioned into attractive curves.

Corpsdereve uses Body Line Scan technology and pressure measuring apparatus to compute 3D-angles of the human body. It then determines the ideal contact force for different body parts for optimal shaping effect and comfort.
Powerful computerised design software and Computer Aided Manufacturing processes then create a virtual ergonomic model with computerised data for high-speed precision-cutting of fabric.
Additionally, each Corpsdereve set requires 156 different stitching processes under the expertise of 81 experienced seamsters.
Feel gorgeous inside and out with Corpsdereve DX’s dynamic lace design using advanced knitting technology from Europe. Its cotton-mingled Power Net specifically designed for different parts provide absolute comfort, elasticity and durability. Experience the power of transformation with Corpsdereve DX and own a perfect silhouette today!
Have a look this babes :D

Don't take our words for it. Hear the REAL people who wears the magical corset has says about this product as you can search for thousands of happy testimonials around the Internet One of the REAL people , is me !!!  
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Kebaikan FIR dalam Premium Beautiful

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kebaikan FIR (Far Infrared Rays) 

What is Far Infrared therapy (FIR) and what does it do: 
Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the body's surface temperature and activate major bodily functions. 

Benefits : 

1. Membantu memperbetulkan perjalanan darah dalam tubuh. 
2. Membantu meningkatkan kadar metabolisma. 
3. Membantu memperbetulkan dan memulihkan sistem pernafasan. 
4. Membantu mengelakkan pertumbuhan bakteria. 
5. Membantu mengeluarkan asid peluh. 
6. Membantu menggalakkan tumbesaran lebih teratur. 
7. Membantu mengekalkan kesegaran badan. 
8. Membantu mengurangkan kandungan asid dalam darah. 
9. Membantu menghilangkan kesakitan pada tubuh badan atau tempat yang sakit. 
10. Membantu tidur lebih nyenyak. 
11. Membantu menghilangkan bau badan. 
12. Membantu menghilangkan kulat dan fungus. 
13. Membantu membersihkan udara dalam badan. 
14. Membantu mengekalkan kepanasan suhu badan. 
15. Membantu membetulkan sistem urat saraf dalam badan secara automatik. 
16. Membantu menghalang pembiakan sel kanser dalam badan. 

FIR Beautiful diperbuat daripada... 

32 lapisan fabrik yang disulam tenun dengan bahan yang mengeluarkan gelombang infra merah jauh atau 'Far Infra red Ray' (FIR). 

Ia mempunyai gelombang 4 - 16u. Kajian sains mendapati molekul air dalam sel-sel pada organ dan tubuh manusia bergetar dalam lingkungan frekuensi yang sama. Dengan pemakaian produk ber-FIR, 'tindakbalas resonans' akan berlaku, dan secara automatik molekul dalam badan akan bergetar dengan lebih aktif dan kuat. 

Kesannya, lebih haba akan dikeluarkan, salur darah mengembang, perjalanan darah lebih lancar, penghantaran nutrien ke seluruh badan akan lebih efisien. Seterusnya, badan akan lebih segar dan sihat. 

Dengan memakai Beautiful, badan akan lebih segar dan sihat.

With Luv,

Pengenalan Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful ialah korset No.1 di Malaysia yang telah banyak membantu wanita-wanita Malaysia menyelesaikan masalah serta mengembalikan semula kecantikan, keyakinan dan kesihatan mereka pada tahap yang paling optimum.

Ia menggunakan dan mengandungi teknologi FIR terutamanya untuk memperbaiki peredaran darah, menstabilkan hormon, membantu dalam mengurangkan berat badan dan meningkatkan kadar metabolisma.
It has helped thousands of Malaysian women rediscover their beauty, confidence and become healthier in the process!

 " It's Created 70% For HEALTH and 30% For BEAUTY "

The Premium Beautiful corset is divided into three main pieces,

Long Bra
Waist Nipper
Long Girdle

Some Features are :-
  • Helps to improve blood circulation & metabolisme including shaping the body
  • Lifetime Warranty!!!
  • Comfortable & Easy to wear (Flexible)
  • Embedded with Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R)
  • Recommended by American Chiropractic Association (ACA)
  • It's SUPERBRAND products awarded by Majlis Superbrand Malaysia.
  • Pengiktirafan daripada Sakit Belakang daripada USA, Kubex & Kanada.
  • Fabrik Akwatek & Aquadyne yang selalunya digunakan untuk baju angkasawan dan juga Scuba Diver
  • Fabrik yang boleh menstabilkan suhu badan.
  • Menyah-bau badan.

F.I.R - Far Infrared Red
  • Sinar gelombang elektromagnet 
  • Mempunyai jarak gelombang 3-1000km
  • Sinar yang paling selamat dan berguna untuk kehidupan.

sumber FIR :-

  • Cahaya Matahari
  • Pakaian pembentukan badan
  • Badan manusia, haiwan(ayam yang mengeram telur) 
  • Alat elektronik - remote control, computer, handphone
  • Peralatan perubatan - fisioterapi, slimming massage belt, 

With luv,