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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What!!!!!  Perfect corset for bride-to-be???

Yes! The secret to a perfect silhoutte.

Why do some outfits look good on others but not on ourselves? You can blame it on genes, regular suppers or even advancing age, but is there a real solution?

Apart from the makeup artist, decorations, foods & venue needs to be perfect I noticed that the most women out there, especially bride-to-be are very determines to lose weight and shape the body. When comes to wedding, for sure every girls out there wants to look good and the best because it's her Big Day!
One direction, no brides wants to look fat or de-shaped ... no matter what type of wedding dress you wear, how expensive it is, and exclusive it is...if your body is not in proper shape, flabby here and there, sagging breast... oooohhhh!!...imagine the amount of pictures that would be taken on the big day. You will be the center of attention. Everyone would be looking at you and praising on, you need to be look great and feel great about yourself.
Wanna loose your weight?
Get back your shape ???
non other than  Corpsdereve DX by Elysyle, Elken

With ergonomically designed Corpsdereve DX, not only can you witness an instant transformation, but with regular use, your body fat can be mobilized and repositioned into attractive curves.

Corpsdereve uses Body Line Scan technology and pressure measuring apparatus to compute 3D-angles of the human body. It then determines the ideal contact force for different body parts for optimal shaping effect and comfort.
Powerful computerised design software and Computer Aided Manufacturing processes then create a virtual ergonomic model with computerised data for high-speed precision-cutting of fabric.
Additionally, each Corpsdereve set requires 156 different stitching processes under the expertise of 81 experienced seamsters.
Feel gorgeous inside and out with Corpsdereve DX’s dynamic lace design using advanced knitting technology from Europe. Its cotton-mingled Power Net specifically designed for different parts provide absolute comfort, elasticity and durability. Experience the power of transformation with Corpsdereve DX and own a perfect silhouette today!
Have a look this babes :D

Don't take our words for it. Hear the REAL people who wears the magical corset has says about this product as you can search for thousands of happy testimonials around the Internet One of the REAL people , is me !!!  
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