Jovian's Boxing Day!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hola Galssss....
This is Official Announcement from Jovian himself,

Save the date!

There will be 
and few secret pieces !!!
and only 2,500pcs will be available.
at 'Selangor Room'

 Okay here the JM RTW facts to share:-
 "All JOVIAN'S material used are the woven synthetic version that are normally used by many couture houses such as Satin Silk, Chiffon Silk, and Crepe Silk? The best part is, these synthetic types are washable & durable. Do you feel luxurious now?"
some piccas taken from JM's instagram

And here the info that you should know:-
20 peeps for 10mins with 4 max clothes to try! 10 items max per person to purchase. One jova, one jadore for one person only! Fair everyone? ARE YOU READY??
There will be two lanes, 1. TRY & BUY, 2. FAST LANE, Those who have bought JOVIAN before should just grab whatever size you know best for your body. 
You will get to choose all the design that you want before entering the fitting room ; all designs will be posted 2days before sales, pls go to JM's FB as well as when u reach Shang Ri La, all designs will be displayed on mannequins. So, 10mins given is essentially just to try on the dresses :) this is planned to make sure flow of trying and purchasing is fast and not too long on queuing outside of the hall. Trust us, this is going to be the easiest way and systematic of shopping experience ever in to compare with all other batches :)
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