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Saturday, July 21, 2012

First of all, nak citer sket...
Actually, I memang dah lama pakai corset since anak dara lagi. 
And . . .
memang dah lama dengar nama Premium Beautiful ...cuma masih tak boleh terima dengan harga nya 
at first sight dulu dulu tu.... huhuhu...
So, bermacam-macam lah corset yang telah dicuba...
Dari yang murah hinggalah yang mahal...dari yang tak der infra red hinggalah yang ada.
Tapi . . .
at the end of the day,
I realised that all the corsets cannot be repaired when got some damages ...
and start to buy and buy new corset...
untill I'm being fussy on choosing the corset!!!
Ahaks !!!
At last, all the corsets yang dah uzur tu semua simpan sahaja di dalam gerobok ku. 
Confirm memang tak leh pakai dah semua tu! 
When, I  met Mai even I dunno she is the top agent for PB. 
Sorry Mai yerr...
And then, when we met for the second time...time tu nak mekap Mai pi dinner Hai-O tulah!
From there I start keep asking about the PB.
The 1st thing that I consider first is absolutely the 'Life Warranty'
FOC service okayyy...for your life time...
and then...banyak pulak benefit PB ni!
Tanpa berlengah lagi...
I set my target !!!
I called Mai and said I wanna buy PB!!!
Akhirnya, I have my own set!
* tough royyy tummy!...with Brand X Corset!
dah pakai punnnn...stilllll nampak! hahaha
Ahaks! with PB you will feel more confident!
I atas stage tu taw!
As a Jury & Giving a briefing for Makeup Competition Melaka
This photo was taken on July 10th, 2012

Love Premium Beautiful more and more . . 
With 8hrs by day...
Month by month !
Year after year !
You will get your beautiful shape!
Lagi-lagi bulan puasa ni...

Call/SMS me now for your Premium Beautiful Set!


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