Premium Beautiful vs Elysyle DX

Friday, September 14, 2012


Premium Beautiful vs Elysyle DX

As you aware for those yang dah biasa baca blog kat sini,
I have been wearing PB since 19th June 2012.
Since that day, I'm wearing the corset with confident.
as at 12th Sep 2012, it's already exactly 2months, 3 weeks & 2days.

Today, I would like to share
My experiences after wearing PB :-
My figured from side, well as PB trademark...
I Look more confident on the stage as Lead Jury for
Pertandingan Solek Cantik Anjuran Pameran Pengantin Melaka 2012.

10th July 2012
I can wear my Levi's Jeans at size 26 beb!

6th August 2012
time after time....
I cannot stand with the itchiness . . .
As I understand, it's FIR.
As they mentioned, it's because too many acid removed from body through respiration/sweat.
Sorry PB, I cannot stand anymore...
when i found Blackened skin especially at waist & stomach.
It's hurt me ekceli.... :'(

Furthermore, it's very hard when in the toilet.
Especially when you are in a big trouble moment!!! hahaha...

How about Elysyle DX 

Well at first time, I don't even bother about it.
Yup, at first time when I saw the picca
as below

I was thinking about the number of pieces!!!
Still fobia with the previous one...
Well, 'Don't Judge The Book By The Cover'

I went to Elken HQ and do the fitting!
Oh emmm geeee....
I falled in LOVE with this Corset!

What I can share about DX for the 1st time

I feel more comfortable. 
The fabric is more kind to my skin.
I found I can wear 1inch less from my Levis Jeans from 26 to 25! Instantly!
Easy to take out the corset
And...the best thing about this corset
You will look good in every angle.

and I BOUGHT "TWIN SET DX" for myself!!!

You should have your DX Lingerie Experience!

Pls do not hesitate to ask me 
WhatsApp/WeChat me at 0172030635
Or can send message to my FB : iansham

I'll see you soon!


  1. Hi, saya juga pengguna PB. Dah hampir setahun kulit saya gatal2 + berparut hitam.ingatkan kulit saya yg bermasalah. Boleh email detail tak kat saya tentang price ni. Email to

  2. i dah pakai pb..byr ansur selama sethn...belum pun abis byr pb dah rosak...sedih sgt...plzz pm price..

  3. saya mohon share jugak ye..tq

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  5. Mohon share jgk ye... sy pn bru join Elken n bli twin set DX juga! ;)

  6. New elkenians from northern, mohon share, just bought twin set for my wife

  7. New elkenians from northern, mohon share, just bought twin set for my wife

  8. Hi.. Sy ahli baru elken. Mohon follow sy di

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